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Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems allow you to make and receive calls over the internet, untying you from your traditional fixed line and giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Traditionally, business phone systems were expensive and therefore not easily accessible to small and medium businesses, but now our Hosted VoIP system allows you to enjoy the full features of a business phone system for a very affordable price.

Hosted VoIP Features

Call Handling

Customise your system to control exactly how calls are handled in and out of the system. Automated menus can easily be setup, routing calls to different teams. Use an alternative out of hours setup to direct calls to voicemail or mobiles. Whatever configuration you want, we can configure it for you!

Choice of Handsets

Choose from a wide range of handsets to suit your budget and feature requirements. Alternatively, you can use your mobile to make and receive calls as part of the business from wherever you are.

Multiple Sites & Expansion Possibilities

Enjoy free calling between sites. Allow staff to work from home or even abroad. Start with one phone, and grow as you need. Our Hosted VoIP will give you the functionality you need for whatever working arrangement you have.

Restaurant Booking System Integration

VoIP Integration

Our Hosted VoIP System can be integrated with our Restaurant Booking System to provide the following additional functionality:

Customer Lookup via Caller ID

When your phone rings, the restaurant bookings system can automatically show existing customer and booking details if the number is known. This speeds up the process of taking new bookings or amending bookings, reducing booking time to give a better customer service and improve staff efficiency. If the number is not known, it will be automatically added to the telephone field of the new bookings screen so that there is no need to ask the customer for it.

Click to Call

Need to call a customer about a future booking? There is no need to manually dial the number anymore! Just open the booking in the booking system and click the "Click to Call" button to automatically dial on your handset.

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