Sirrahsoft Restaurant Booking system maximizes your restaurants potential

Advanced Restaurant Booking System

Easily take control of your guest restaurant bookings with our restaurant reservation system to maximise your table availability and improve profitability.

Key Features

Service Planner

Service plans are automatically created for each individual service. The plan contains customer bookings which can be viewed as a list, via a service chart or on a table plan. Each service has an individual table plan that can be configured to match the bookings at any time.

Manage Peak Periods

Easily block online bookings or all bookings by time slot to manage kitchen capacity. Override default service schedules on special occasions such as Christmas Day etc.

Custom Configuration

Customise numerous settings such as time slots, maximum covers per slot and length of booking based on number of covers to maximise restaurant capacity.

Unlimited Areas

Create unlimited areas (or rooms). Individual service plans can be linked to each room allowing different setups in different areas of the building.

Waiting List

The waiting list is directly linked to a service plan. Online bookings are also directed to the waiting list if there is no availability for their selected service. This allows you to easily fill spare capacity in the event of cancellation.

Automatic Confirmation

Automatically send instant booking confirmation to the customer via email or SMS*. This can be followed up with a reminder to reduce no shows and maximise table availability.

Control Your Service

During service the restaurant planner can be easily used to manage the active service. When connected to our EPOS system the planner will be automatically updated as items are added to the bill on the EPOS terminal to show the current table status.

Record Walk-ins

Quickly record walk in customers to keep an up to date record of table availability during service. Build a history of both bookings and walk ins to help plan resource requirements for future services.

Update Table Status

Keep a record of what status each table (both bookings and walk ins) is at (eg. drinks ordered, food ordered, bill requested)

Customer Relationship Management

Our restaurant booking system is connected to the central CRM in Hospitality Manager. Together they combine to form a powerful resource helping you to provide a great customer experience and drive repeat custom. When connected to our EPOS the system will also record average spends and the customer's favourite products.

Customer Preferences & History

Automatically track information about booking history, cancellation rates, previous no shows and dinning preferences such as favourite table.

Customer Analytics

Track and report on best customers by bookings (and spend when linked to EPOS). Link to EPOS to report customer's previous purchases allowing you identify items such as favourite wine etc.

Integration Options


A complete two way integrated link allows any EPOS terminal to display current table plans and reservations as defined in the booking system. The EPOS will then automatically update the booking system with the latest status of each booking or walk in. In addition, purchases will be added to customer records provide great customer history.

Hotel Booking System Link

Link restaurant bookings to hotel bookings enabling automatic updates or cancellations when the hotel booking is amended. If the guest moves room, the system will update the planner so that restaurant staff are aware they are a hotel guest and which room to send their bill to.

Caller ID

Caller ID** allows the booking system to show details of existing customers on your screen before you even answer the phone. This allows you easily find existing bookings to update, or create new bookings with all of their contact details already completed.

*Additional charges will be incurred for sending SMS confirmation messages ** Caller ID requires additional analogue modem with caller ID functionality and must be connected to a standard BT analogue line.