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Business Broadband

With broadband being used for an ever increasing number of business services, from credit card transactions, VoIP phone calls, to streaming music, it is important that you have a good connection to keep your business running, and our business broadband provides a number of advantages over standard broadband to help you do that.

Prioritised Service

A standard broadband line will be shared by many users, but business broadband users are prioritised and will share a line with just a few users. This means your connection will not be affected during peak times, such as lunch or evening, meaning you always have a strong connection.

Static IP Address

Our business broadband includes a static IP (there is normally an additional charge for this on standard broadband, if it is available at all). A static IP allows you to host your own services such as a server, website, or remote VPN (virtual private network) connection (if you need to dial into your site for remote access). For our hospitality system customers, a static IP is required if you wish to take advantage of a number of our online services.


If you are using a VoIP phone system, it is important to have a strong connection to make sure you enjoy high quality, uninterrupted calls. Poor internet connections sometimes cannot handle the appropriate data and therefore we recommend using a business broadband package to keep all of your services that use the internet up and running. We can also provide business quality broadband routers which allow us to prioritise network traffic to ensure other users (such as guests) do not use your full bandwidth, keeping calls connected.

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