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Reliable, secure, full coverage Wi-Fi

Is Your WiFi Holding Your Business Back?

For most businesses good Wi-Fi is essential in allowing staff to work anywhere on their premises with multiple devices. Poor Wi-Fi coverage and security can result in loss of productivity and even damage to the business. Our business grade Wi-Fi solutions will ensure perfect, secure coverage throughout your premises.

When it comes to hospitality businesses, today's customers expect a free guest Wi-Fi solution to be available as part the service, but why not get something back for providing this? We can help you provide your customers with a legally compliant Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot to help you to increase sales from your existing customers and grow your emailing list.

Wi-Fi Network Design & Install

With Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi equipment

We will plan, design, deploy and configure your new WiFi solution to ensure it works perfectly for your business needs.

Our engineers, who hold the Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin certification, will complete a site survey of your premises before designing your physical Wi-Fi network. Once the design is signed off, we will install and then complete post installation configuration, testing and fine tuning to ensure everything is working as planned.

Using enterprise grade Wi-Fi equipment from Ubiquiti, a global leader in managed Wi-Fi solutions, and a choice of routers from MikroTik or Ubiquiti, we will ensure maximum Wi-Fi coverage and network security.

After installation, our team will continue to remotely monitor your network to ensure it keeps performing efficiently, providing your guests and colleagues with a great experience.

Guest Wi-Fi Solution Features


Increase your marketing opportunities by growing your email list with addresses captured via your Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot Portal while maintaining GDPR compliance.

Custom URL Redirect

Automatically redirect customers to a page on your website (such as this one) when they log in.

Company Branding

Customise your splash page with your corporate branding or use it to advertise other venues or offers.

Content Filtered

Protect your business and your customers by blocking illegal sites as well as content that is not suitable for public areas or children.

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