Guest WiFi

Today customers expect free WiFi as part of any hospitality business's service but why not get something back for providing this service? We can help you provide your customers with legally compliant Free Social Wifi and help you to increase sales from you existing customers.

Key Features

Boost Your Social Profile

Social login options allow your business to directly connect with your customers growing your social profile

Custom URL Redirect

Automatically redirect customers to a page on your website (such as this one) when they log in.

Company Branding

Customise your splash page with your corporate branding or use it to advertise other venues or offers

Content Filtered

Protect your business and your customers by blocking illegal sites as well as content that is not suitable for public areas or children

Online Adverts

Advertise your goods, services or special offers on the customer's welcome page once they have logged in. Alternatively, sell advertising space to local companies (such as taxi companies) to earn additional revenue


Increase your marketing opportunities by growing your email list and automatically send email promotions to logged in users